Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter Misc...

I cannot report what we've been doing these past weeks.  It's been too mundane and January-ish.  But then, this week, the kids' preschool teacher fell ill (sorry Miss Amy) and for some reason, having nowhere to go and anywhere to be has jumpstarted our engines again.
Hallelujah.  I didn't want to fall prey to a bad case of the Januarys.
And so, I'll spare you the here's and there's of it all and jump right into what I'll call:
Life Lessons of Winter.

Dress the part.  It makes you look rugged and tough.
Take plenty of Vitamin C and get lots of rest.  Yep.  Think bulk.
Try to see the world through rose colored glasses.
Even if they're actually not rose colored glasses and the world is grey and smoggy.
Flex your artistic...*cough* muscles *cough*
It's called bath tub finger paint and it's a hella-big-mess.
Don't take things so seriously.  But really, Ace.  I'm kinda scared of you in this picture.
Swim like a fish.
Climb to new heights.
And be a little bit crazy with someone you love.
Ahhh, I feel better.
But then again, that might be attributed to the fact that there are only 2 days left until February.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Life Lately with the Dapper Dudes...

Life's been a bit messy lately... no really, we had a little bout with Crypto after celebrating MLK day at the pool.  And let me tell you, there's nothing quite like it.
Poor Ace and the bowl of shame.
But really... is that light shining on him or coming from him?  One can't be sure.  
The thing is... even when things are at their messiest... these little dudes have taught me to speak a dying language of deep emotion.  I didn't know I could be covered in upchuck and scrubbing out a car seat full of the stuff and instead of cursing, I'm cooing, "It's OK, baby.  It's OK," in the most soothing tone known to mankind.
I love this new found skill set of mine that has been honed these past five+ years of being a mama.  The way they have taught me to take in the world like everything is a beautiful adventure.  
The way the littlest things, like face tattoos or a ride with Daddy-o, can make their entire weekend?

I love the way their smiles give me "soul hugs" and the way their superhero lock-eyed gazes melt my heart and freeze time... 
That's what they've taught me.   And thanks to them, I've summitted mountain tops of emotion I never ever thought I'd scale in a lifetime.  And those feelings of love... man, a person could die happy having only felt that all-encompassing, wave of emotion from a child's unconditional love -- once.
 And I get to feel it almost every day from these dapper little dudes of ours.
Lucky doesn't even begin to describe my status.
Crypto and all...
Happy New Week.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dax's Rise to the Top...

The other day I was cleaning out my closet.  This means Dax and Ace found themselves in the middle of the living room floor with a stack of magazines and papers to "make books" with while Big K was at preschool.  And yes, yes I did pull that one out of Grandma Gail's arsenal from WAY back in the day when she had me do that very same busy work while she attempted to accomplish something.  :)

Anyway, this was the "story" I wrote down word for word from Dax Man's mouth (to God's ears, hopefully)... after Dax had already cut and glued his pictures according to the epic story line in that little winner's head:
First point worth mentioning:  Dax thinks highly of himself.
I love me a good lookin' confident man in a race car... which apparently is his persona.
Winning  :)
Yes.  I am the keeper of butterflies.  It's like being a beekeeper, only better.
I bring you a brief interruption to point out two things I completely love here:
1.  I am sitting by the pool.  My life is soooo good.
2.  I look amazing for my age.  And apparently I went dark?  Cool.
He is the most thoughtful four-year-old in real life and the most handsome/loaded grown up in the history of the Universe.  I can't wait until this little piece of fiction because a reality.  :)
And seriously, y'all should do the afternoon activity of "making books" with your little loves.  Who even knew my Dax loved his mama so much? 
XO, Buddy.

Monday, January 19, 2015

With Gusto...

I had a bit of a blah day Friday.  Which is highly unlike me, but bound to happen every now and again.  I blame it all my "New Year Discipline" and adhering to strict self-imposed regimens a la January.  Which is lame, because really, I pride myself in a little harmless rule breaking every now again.

When we first had our two little Irish Twin babes, we got a sweet baby gift and a letter from my Aunt and Uncle, who happen to be the parents to five boys.  I'll never forget what they said... "Boys will always push the limits.  Let them break a few rules but help them know which rules it's OK to break.  Pick your battles and have FUN with them."

Not that I doubted it, but seriously - they were REALLY spot on.
This one... he throws the rulebook right out the window with regard to social norms.  And if I'm honest - I totally love it.  So he feels like being a tiger today even though he knows he's a three-year-old boy?  Well hells bells - he's gonna be a tiger.  And he really embraces the role and growls at strangers and pounces on stuffed animals & throw pillows alike.
I'm envious of his freedom and I respect his commitment.
Which leads me to me.  Yes, I'm going to achieve my goals this year, but not at the expense of turning up my nose ALL the time at a perfectly delicious peanut butter rice crispie treat or a wild day of unplanned play instead of tackling a gnarly to-do list, you know?  I can't ever forget the study my darling Mother-In-Law pointed out to me, "Scientists have found that people with the sweetest and happiest dispositions actually have a higher intake of the sweet stuff, " she told me.  And she followed it up with, "Which immediately made me think of you."
I may never know if she was pointing out my crazy sugar addiction or throwing me a genuine compliment or maybe both?  But I love that.  I love that a heart-shaped sugar cookie and some time at the local play ground, despite growing piles of laundry makes for literal happy hearts.

Bottom line...
We're going to be obeying MOST of the rules around here.  Breaking some for fun.  But being very specific about the ones we decide to toss to the wind.

Can I get a Hell Yeah?
Maybe with Gusto?
Thank you.  :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Beat the Doldrums...

In the doldrums of winter it's the little things that make me smile.
A bowl full of pomegranates eaten by the fistful.
Babes who sneak out of their bedrooms and fall fast asleep on the floor - 
In the least comfortable position known to mankind, no less.
A good insightful question posed by a somber little face 500x per day.
A long drawn out afternoon of "cars" on the kitchen floor.
 Catching snowflakes on our tongues.
And lumberjack brothers -- Obviously the best kind.  :)
January, go ahead and wield your wintery powers...
We got this.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So Many Years Young...

RyGar has a birthday today... 
Pardon me -- Let me rephrase:  RyGar has a birthday month happenin' up in here.  And seriously he can think I am spoilin' the living daylights out of him all he wants, but truth be told, it doesn't take a whole lotta convincing to get me to celebrate life with the dude.
Those of you who have little loves know that celebrating childrens' birthdays is big.  We celebrate milestones, we award badges of honor, we applaud and marvel at another year of growth... a flag at the peak of a summited mountain.  And while, as adults, birthdays are less monumental... another year with him is something I can't take lightly.
He has the complete gift of tongues and specializes in speaking my language.... Which is always sunny but can get, at times, convoluted.  No joke, before he approaches me with something he would like me to consider he conjures up his gift of tongues and smiles his magical smile that makes those sultry eyes twinkle and wraps me up in his arms and says something comforting like,
"Lady, I want to talk to you about something."
It's a very calming ritual this gent has with me and our boys.  While he can be terse and abrupt and raise his voice... he knows how to be the balm that soothes just about everything.  He never projects.  But he likes to be projected upon.  If he's feeling cloudy, he asks me to shine some sun on his soul.  He loves to do things with friends and colleagues, but he adores a good family huddle.  He is an adventure seeker and he appreciates variety in the garden of life.  
And he makes adorable babies. :)
(And yes, I'm still trying to convince him to make more... shameless plugs on the Internet and all).
So while his birthday probably won't be the celebration sensation that a toddler's birthday typically is around here... It will be amazing.
Like every other day we have with him.  Because I love him so very much that sometimes it makes my heart just want to pop right out of my chest. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Seen & Heard 2015 Edition...

I got a new camera lens for Christmas.  I have no idea which one or why.  I'm sure someone in this household who is more of a hyper-consumer than I could tell you.  All I know, is these close ups are gettin' REAL good.  It makes me feel legit even though I'm not.
So hey!  Let's celebrate with a "SEEN" and heard post in the old blog...
During a game of "Hide & Seek" Ace said, "Wherever You're Not - Here I Come!"
Close, bud.  Real close.
Dax learned about four-wheel drive and automatic four-wheel drive and he said during a rainy, wet drive, "Man I'm glad 'Hoggin'' has 'forward-moto', Mom!"  Also known as "Four-wheel Auto"... 
But let's not get too particular.

Further "Hoggin'" is the name of the family rig -- So named by Dax.  He is the official namer of vehicles.  Here's his running list:
The Family Car = Hoggin
Dad's Commuter Car = Bryce  (who even knows)
The Truck = Tank
The Boat = Flag
He's also for hire.  He's sold his skill set to Grandma "Jam-ice" the other day telling her, "Does your car have a name?"  She told him it didn't.  He said, "I could name your car for you.  I'm really good at it."
(Do NOT panic.  This is a play razor and shaving cream set from Santa.  The surprise hit o' the season.
But seriously with the army get up and the razor did he just age by thirteen years?  'Scuse me while I cry.)
Kael - "Mom do you want this ass?"  Of course, he shouts this to me from several aisles over in the hardware store.  I come walk/running to his side begging him with my eyes to tone it down and I see him staring intently at an AXE.  An AXE, people.  Whew.
Dax - "Is this a vin?  Our car... is it long like a vin?  Like Beckham's blue car is a vin.  Is our car a vin?"  That's van.  But still...
Kael - "Mom I had to have a little talk with Ace about being a good boy."
Me - "You did?  How did it go?"
Kael - "Well, he's still naughty!"
Like, duh.  Proof is in the puddin' woman.
Ace - At the first day of Sunbeams after he realized he was NOT in nursery any more.
"But Mom!  I'm just a little boy!  I'm not a big boy!  I need to go back to that room with toys!"

Dax - During a particular harrowing late night conversation during the holidays:  "Mommy, I'm just so mad at you!  No.  I'm disappointed in you.  I'm probably going to just grow up to be a Dad and then throw you out into the ocean where there's sharks, you know."
Ace - In the car singing along to a Johnny Cash song, "The taste of love is sweet.  When FARTS like ours meet."  It's supposed to be hearts people.  HEARTS.
And my favorite SCENE of late?
There it is.  Three out of four of my boys playing "Gooey Looey" wherein you must pick a "gooey" from Looey's nose and if you pick the right one, his brain pops out of his head and you're the winner!  Never has a better boy game ever been made.
The End.