Friday, December 30, 2016

An Extra Helping of Little Holiday Things...

The days leading up to Christmas seem to be pretty magical don't you think?
I mean, call me crazy, but I kind of tend to get butterflies in my stomach the days preceding the big guy's arrival, because there is just so much good floating around in the universe. 

Well, as we began to settle in for the last week before Christmas fully enjoying it all...
We got this:
 And a partridge in a pear tree.  :)
Kaelster broke his "grown up tooth" in a little accidental scuffle with Ace and off we went for a late night dental appointment.  Big man was tough - and didn't even cry!
Since he was all patched up he felt confident and ready to sing at the school Sing Along.
And so did this guy!
I love that they find me in the crowd and flash me their grins! If they ever get too old to smile at their mama they'll get their ears boxed.  :)
 On the last day of school we recruited our neighbor friends to blast a full-on Candy Cane Bomb.  We left a little Christmas cheer in the form of peppermint candy on every car in the crowded parking lot and delivered many in person.
Could our little elves be any cuter?

 Ace said to me, "This is making my heart warm AND it's fun!"
We had a few winter's naps before and during the break...
We hit up a few games and ate every single variety of concession's food.
We had a few meltdowns over fingers not going into the right glove holes and not being able to push all the buttons in the hotel elevators.  And also this one when we learned Boone is more of a hands free kind of guy -- behold, the pout. 
Christmas this year was magic.  A moment in motherhood for me that I will always remember.  When all four of my kids were still enraptured by all the imaginative delights of Christmas.  When the inconvenience of cold and snow only added to the feeling.  When home felt cozy and family was near.  When we were right in the thick of it - including the crazy.  If you're going to lose yourself in something, motherhood is sure a delicious thing to lose it to.

Name in Lights - State Wrestling...

We extended our holidays with a trip to downtown SLC to see the lights at Temple Square, eat at the Little America & swim at the hotel pool.  It was fun & frigid & eventful as you might imagine.
 My parents met us since they had been in Idaho and Logan visiting my sibs and it was a fun treat to have them with us. 

The next morning we headed up the road a wee bit to hit up State Wrestling.  Our little Ace Face is darn serious about wrestling - even opting out of attending Jazz Games earlier on in the season because he didn't want to miss wrestling practice.  SO he was ready and qualified to compete in the 37 lb weight class.... I die.
Mostly because 37 lbs is even a weight class, but also because my heart was in my throat!
Our little man knocked it right out of the arena.  He had been in other tournaments this season but only those held at his local club gym, so this was his first "big stage".  If he felt one ounce of nerves - he fooled us all as he waved and jumped around like a little tiger.
He did experience his first ever loss at this tourney.  Which stung like the dickens and little man shed a tear or two, (and so did his empathetic brother Dax which busted my heart even further into two throbbing bits) -- sweet boys.  
But he gathered himself back up and came back to place 5th in State for his weight class. 
We were so glad Grandma Gail was there to do all the baby whispering.  :)
One loss in his entire career after a few months of coaching is pretty impressive.  And as this wild wrestler learns more tricks of the trade and adds more moves to his collection, he'll be a force to be reckoned with.  Many thanks to his patient coaches.
So proud of you Ace Face!  You're quite the tenacious little athlete.
I THINK my blood pressure has finally normalized now that we're a few days past.
Maybe. :)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day...

Just emerging from our little holiday weekend cocoon over here.  We burrowed in together for another magical Christmas celebration.  I feel SO lucky that all of my little bunkins are under the magical mystical spell of Christmas.  My heart almost burst of happiness these past few days.
So let's start with Christmas in one image shall we? 
(Don't be fooled - there will be SO many more)
Our little Booner Bear in his lumber jack attire.
(Insert all the heart eyes)
It looks as if he trudged out into the snow covered forest to chop down our tree and drag it home... that's not what happened at all, but I like to imagine it anyway.  While I snapped pics of Boone for his upcoming first birthday, the boys and Ryno enjoyed the SNOW.
 And this was before we were delivered that extra magic of a white Christmas!
 We pulled out all the stops for Christmas Eve dinner.  Ryno cooked up the most amazing surf and turf and I did all the trimmings.  Kaelster helped me bake an apple pie and everything was so delish.  Is there anything more cozy than a room lit by tree lights?
After dinner we played games.  Thanks to "Speak Out" I will forever refer to this image of Ryno as "Exhibit A" if I'm on the fence about paying for orthodontia.  Money well spent Bob & Janice!  :)
 Then it was time for the story of the season.  We had Joseph, a shepherd, a wise man and baby Jesus.  The wise man brought the babe gold coins in his lock box and baby Jesus kept wrangling his way out of the manger.  It was perfect - and I'm not just saying so.  I'll never forget it... my hectic holiday.
 The boys frosted cookies for Santa and laid out a Coke for him just like they promised they would.  Then they sprinkled magic reindeer food on the lawn for Rudolph and Co. 
Christmas Jammies were opened and put on and then Santa called to remind the boys he was on his way and he would be there soon!  I love the nervous energy his phone call elicits.  It is always a mad dash to get little bodies to bed after that magical nudge.
 I can't even tell you how much I longed for each of those faces under my tree.  That right there is all I ever wanted for Christmas.  Plus Dax's little gappy grin... swoon.  I'm a lucky lady for sure.
Ryno - there is no one I'd rather do elf work with.
It's equal parts exhausting and thrilling... but those moments when we take it all in together?
That's it, babe.

And then it's upon us.  All the excitement and energy coming from tiny bodies bundled into one room on Christmas morning. We could fuel the world with that energy... I'm positive.
Boone totally gets it.  He jumped right on and grinned then proceeded to clap at all the holiday hoopla.  He also peed through his little jammies in the night - but I'll still keep him!  :)
I love the graceful way in which Kael dumps the entire contents of his stocking every year.
Cracks me up...
These brother moments... be still my heart.
 The only mess I'm ever truly content with is that of Christmas morning... 
Much longed for gear for a wild little wrestler - who wasted not a moment to try it all on.  :)
 Little boys who bought surprises with their own money for their Daddy-o...
 And Daddy-o's gifts to little boys with the promise of what new camo really means...
 Boone's first Christmas...
 He has opened all the gift bags under the tree for a month, but on command?  Not a chance. 
He does know his place in this household, however.
And these boys were showered with a few of their favorite things by way of presents from people who love them.  We are so grateful.
 Oh Christmas - you never disappoint.
And this week we'll enjoy the soft cushion of time together as we await the next reason to celebrate and light up the sky and make goals and plans together.
From our family to yours - Merry Christmas.
And all the very best thoughts and wishes for a happy new year!
Love Love.