Thursday, May 26, 2016

Scenes from the Ballpark...

Just a few scenes from Heaven I've been drinking up lately...
To be clear, last night's game time looked as if it would be anything but heavenly...
Ryno texted me and told me he wouldn't make it back in time for the game, which meant I got to schlep all four boys to the ball field in time for warm ups and their game SOLO... 
Two of them were in their unis with their gear.
One of them wanted nothing more than to be in a uni with his gear.
 And one was bundled in a blanket as his mama prayed to the Gods that he would fall asleep.
I was 104% tired before I even got started.
See those dedicated base runners?  Those are my boys.  :)
But then we got there.
The winds stopped and the rain clouds parted 
(And the Heavenly choir sang) - kidding but only kind of.  
My boys focused and played hard and listened to their coach.
Ace sat on the blanket and worked on assembling a plethora of lego guys I had stashed in my bag.
Boone bounced and squirmed until he finally submitted to sleep and snuggled in on my shoulder.
And I watched this field of green full of little boys who are all trying to figure it out as the sun shone golden all around me.
Yep, Heaven.
They're gettin' real good, folks.
And these scenes from the ballpark last night made this gal real happy.
Almost as happy as the celebratory snow cones made them.  :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

End of Year Shenanigans....

All the "lasts" of a good school year are upon us.

The last day of Preschool for Ace in his three-year-old Preschool class.
I think he learned that he excels at being the class clown.  ;)
The last day of Preschool EVER for Dax Man... He is officially a Kindergartner.  
Go Dax!
And the last day of Kindergarten for Kael, which brings with it the dance festival, field day, and every other thing they can cram into the last week or so of school.

We had our last soccer games of the season this past weekend.  Kael scored a goal, Ace stepped up to play with Dax's team, which was down several players, and Dax hustled, had some assists and played stellar defense.  I totally failed in the "taking soccer picture" department this year... three games every Saturday, many of them overlapping, meant we divided and conquered survived.
And Boone-digliano, as our last babe, (I should know better than to say that by now), continues to grow and change and wrap us ever so much tighter around those little fingies of his.  
All he wants to do is stand up like a big boy.  Sigh.
But other than his intense desire to leave all things "baby" in his wake at mach speed, he is such a perfect little love.  Listening to the boys giggle about his every move, and teach him things, and coo at him just makes my mama heart so happy.  
Thursday will be the last of the last.  We will have conquered the Gauntlet, folks.  The final homework will be turned in, the half-ass efforts to finish the last tidbits of the school year will all be history.  And we'll hit the road immediately to start summer off right in one of our favorite places with lots of our favorite family members.
I can't wait.
Sleeping in, nothin' but swimsuits and snow cones in bulk.
Count me in.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Our first Kindergarten graduate crossed the stage last week and sang his little heart out like the big deal that he is.  Kaelster - you rocked it, buddy.  And a huge holla to the darling team of teachers that put together thee cutest program of all time, ever.  The kids signed and sang "It's a Wonderful World", and "Proud to Be An American" and there I was, just grinning up at my little person and getting all teary eyed.
Kael and his teach, Mrs. Whittle.  She was a gem for him.
On Saturday we had three soccer games at 9 am.  Luckily, my parents were still in town from attending Kindi Graduation and they helped us divide and conquer.  Then afterwards, Grandpa showed the boys how to really work the trampoline.  I sent these pics to him and said, you may have been born in 52, but you sure don't act like it!  :)
I'm proud and relieved to say that Boone is getting better at sleeping each night.  Probably in large part due to the fact that I am feeding him a bottle of formula each night after he nurses.  Little man was so full and satisfied the first time I did this.  Go Boone! 
Get nice and Plump my little Pilates babe who grabs his tootsies every chance he gets!
The Hubs was in his element last week.  I'm so glad he took an afternoon to himself and made one of his favorite pass times happen.... spring fishing has never looked so good, Ryno.
The boys are starting to do that thing where they spend more time outside than they do in our house.
I love it so hard.
Little Mogli... he is either a Tiger or Tarzan lately and he told us he wants to work in a zoo when he grows up.  He'll have lots of experience, I told him.  He agreed.  :)
 Slowly but surely Dax Man is mastering the rollerblades.  Soon he'll be ripping it up X-Games style and I'll have to increase my medical coverage.
This is what you do when you're hyper masculine and your red skateboard has faded to pink in the sun.  You take matters into your own hands like a boss.
And I told Ryan that maybe we should never move... I mean, come on.  That's probably like a billion years good luck, isn't it?  My neighbor sent this to me and I think I've never loved our place more (sans that muddy fishing truck parked in the driveway... RYNO!)
And May is bringing lots more good things... if we survive it we are going to hand out medals....
"You get a medal and you get a medal!  Medals for all!!!"
Just call me Oprah.  :)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Booner Bear...

Little Man, Boone is FOUR months old!  There is no new way to say how fast time flies, but seeing him at his new big, rolly polly, smiley state has me realizing that he is closer to a crawling babe than a tiny helpless newborn whether I'm ready for it or not.
I will say that when his big blue eyes find and focus on mine, he literally turns into a human smile.  His cheeks lift up, his eyes light up, his whole body squirms with glee and his mouth forms the biggest open mouth grin you've ever seen.  Wait... photographic evidence below:
At four months Boone is in the 95th percentile for height... he is SO long... and the 30th percentile for weight, weighing in at 14 1/2 pounds and he is happy and healthy as can be.
He loves to suck on his hands and fingers.  He drools (or leaks as Acey says) incessantly.  He just started to roll all across the living room, but prior to that at just after three months old, he would roll over and get stuck on his tummy.  
He hates to be alone (which usually works in his favor at this house).  He is learning to enjoy the car seat... or maybe I should say he is learning to tolerate it?  He coos and sings and shrieks with glee but he cries every time his Daddy-o sneezes. :)
His brothers love him HARD.  Sometimes a little too hard, but generally speaking they adore him and are gentle and loving with him.  
We love the happiness he has brought to our home... he even smiles when he sleeps.
And he is slowly cutting back on the amount of night time wake-ups for which his mama is grateful.  He is by far our worst night sleeper, but, knock on the wood, the last two nights he has only waken at 5:30 am or so.  Send us all your Mister Sandman vibes....
Good thing you're so cute, Booner...
XO Little Man.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Weekend In Review...

Mother's Day Weekend was drenched in rain.
In fact, the only time it didn't rain was Saturday morning during soccer games 
(Miraculously...Silver lining)
The boys made do and enjoyed a lot of puddles mixed with a bit of hail.  That's what boys do - they head outside, in costume if that's what it takes, but dammit they'll find a good time.  That's why I love being a boy mom.  That and the fact that Mother's Day is all my own.  :)
We'll get to that and all it's beautifully painted hand crafted goods I scored, but first, we should say that the rain fit our mood for a portion of the weekend...
On Saturday night our good old dog, Coop, passed away.  Never ever has a better back yard, kiddo lovin' dog ever walked the earth.  I promise you.  He was a good and patient soul and we miss having him peer in through the sliding glass doors and talking out the world's problems with such a great and mellow listener.
 (I will enjoy my poop free lawn as well - Silver lining)
Sunday brought Mother's Day and found us sending balloons off in the sky at a family burial service for our dog, and celebrating Dax pulling his very own tooth!  What the heck kid?  You turn six and you just figure you can take on all of life's challenges?  Sheesh!
I asked the boys to snuggle in on my bed for a picture with me, but as they were sitting there together it was too good.  One of those, "Snapshots turned into all the feels" pictures.  I love it.
And I love this one too because there they are... the four little humans that call me mama.  That gave me my favorite title I've ever had and they make me earn it every day  :)
I've never loved any job more.  I see them sometimes and my heart swells so big I can barely breathe.  I'm also so grateful for their Daddy-o because I promise I couldn't do this without him.
Random side note:  Tie a balloon onto a baby - tie three or four...
 Best hour of his life.  :)