Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Oh Hey - We've Moved...

You guys I don't even know where to start.  I suppose the beginning is always a good place...
Last year, after Boone was born, we did a little bedroom shuffle and thought to ourselves... "Now might be a good time to make a move."

We looked.  Not intensely, but fairly seriously, and we came to the conclusion... "Nah, we're happy here.  We won't move unless a unicorn crosses our path."  Thus we underwent the great renovation project of 2016.  In September, no less.  We wrapped things up at the end of October and celebrated the holidays in our homey home.

Fast forward to December when we got a call from a neighbor telling us a family we knew in the hood was moving.  We reached out to them.  We toured their house.  We fell in love with the yard of every little boy's dreams.  It was a unicorn.  The right place.  The right time.  The right price.  A little more elbow room.  We placed an offer.  Our offer was accepted.  Our offer was contingent on the sale of our house.  Our house sold in two days.  We began to make plans to move forward... cautious about our excitement and the potential of change.

And BOOM.  Here we are.  Leaving the darling house that we brought every single one of our babies home to.  Moving onward and upward exactly one block away.  Starting a new chapter.  Preparing to make new memories and new traditions, while maintaining the comfort of the same school and the same friends and only changing wards, because, when in Utah.  :)
It's bittersweet.  I know it's just a house made of wood and drywall and rock... but it holds so many fond memories, and I'll always love this place we called home for nearly thirteen years.  It was a safe haven for all of us through winter blizzards and summer rain storms and all that life has to offer as the pages of the calendar turn.
Our new house has lots to live up to.  But we're gonna hang a horseshoe above the door so it will hold luck and pour out blessings to all who come to share in the making of new memories at our new place.  Same people.  Same love.  Same family dynamic.  Just a slight change in address.  And we do mean slight.
If you need us - We'll be tending to our new nest down the road.