Friday, December 15, 2017

The Polar Express...

For family night this week we headed up to Heber to ride the Polar Express.
I think Ryan was 90/10 with dread and happiness.
But oh how quickly he whistled a different tune!
Let me do the math for you:
5 little dudes
A TRAIN - A real live train!
Elves that sing and dance and giggle with the passengers
Open Mic time for cracking jokes and singing along
Hot chocolate
AND a surprise visit from Santa himself!
It was pure magic.
The little lads of ours worked their charm on the staff and cracked hilarious jokes for our entire car, including this gem from Kael who kicked things off with a bang:
"What do elves learn first at elf school?"
The "ELF-abet!"
Ryan even got in on the karaoke action and sang Jingle Bells loud and proud into the mic that our train conductor stuck right into his face.  :)
The windows fogged over and then the game became "drawing the best Christmas picture in your window pane".  Soon we arrived at our destination...  Lights everywhere and Santa waving at us from his front porch in the North Pole.  It was stunning.
Santa hopped in our train car and he visited with every kiddo and delivered a special "Santa's Sleigh" jingle bell for everyone.  Carols blasted from the speakers and the kids were over the moon excited.  It was epic.
Boone found a little girlfriend that he danced around the car with and she planted a big old kiss right on his mouth.  He giggled and smiled and followed her around like a puppy.  It was adorable.
I'm not overstating it - though I know it basically is what you make it - but man, oh man - worth every red cent!  I love this phase of life.  I love the holiday magic that having little ones brings.  I know I'm a cheese ball sometimes, but these holiday scenes ignite this nearly overwhelming deep gratitude for me.  The kind that almost takes my breath away that I get to experience this window of motherhood. I feel so deeply honored and blessed.
And three cheers for the Polar Express.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Time's a Comin'...

RyGar had a work party down south this past weekend.  We joined him Friday night and ate like kings then stayed an extra day to visit with "the real" Santa in Richfield and watch the light parade.
It was so fun to see all my boys atop Santa's lap.  They were so polite.  Ace Face grinned the entire time.  And turns out Booner Bear is a huge Santa fan as well.  He smiled and giggled and asked for a bike and was super thoughtful about what else he might share with the big man.  It was darling.
We waved goodbye to Santa and Mrs. Clause from the truck and then Boone sat back in his car seat and just smiled and exclaimed, "I YIKE Santa!" and "Santa Canny" which I interpreted to mean "Santa gives candy". :)
Shockingly there were a few new items added to the boys' lists.  I don't know if that is because they were feeling the pressure once they were in the presence of the man in the red suit or they were just announcing some big new ideas they had conjured up on a whim... either way... let the wondering begin. 

And that evening we alternated sitting in a warm car and freezing out on the curb as we watched the light parade roll by in front of us.  Grandma and Grandpa were there with us and Boone hollered, "KIMISS YIGHTS!" every few minutes just to make sure we were all seeing what he was seeing.
I love this time of year.  It's busy.  It's crazy.  It's a little stressful but it's magic.  And I love it.
Hoping you feel the magic wherever you are too.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Of Boone-Diggety...

Little Man is approaching the two-year-mark.  Is that the craziest thing you've ever heard?
Don't I know it.  
Anyway the other day Ry was home during Booner's happy rising from nap time and we caught a few little gems on camera.  This boy... he is pure joy right now.  
Boone is thrilled to discover every little thing the world has to offer through his fresh toddler eyes.  He loves to run with the pack and is giddy when the boys treat him as an equal.  
He likes all of us to "OTCH" or "WATCH" whatever little trick it is he is performing and the dude has a lot of tricks.  He can somersault, kick a ball, catch a ball, and shake his booty.  
He is currently obsessed with Santa and carries some tiny Santa ornament wherever he goes.  
He loves to "RUN FAST DADDY" which involves a race from the bath tub to Dad for a giant bear hug in the nude.  Little cutie pie.  
He hollers to his brothers, "'MON GUYS" or "'MON ACEY!" when he wants them to go with him to play something amazing he has mapped out for them.  
He has zero stranger danger at this point and strikes up conversations and shares fruit snacks with just about anyone.  It makes it pretty fun to take him out to grocery stores and running errands because inevitably he helps me strike up a conversation with someone he has befriended.
He makes funny faces.  He seems to get humorous timing like an old comedian.  He has impeccable manners always saying, "Pease" and "TAIN-CHOO" like a little love.  He pats your back or shoulder when he leans in for a hug.  And bless his little heart - he still adores his "Ba-Ba and Banky".
We love our Booner more than he'll ever know.  He has been the best softener to our loud and boisterous reality and helps us all rediscover life's simple pleasures.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Just So Thankful...

We spent Thanksgiving at our spot.  Wayne Wonderland gets more wonderful the more I get to share it with my tiny humans.  And I guess I now know why my Dad drug me there nearly every weekend while growing up.
The boys had so much fun with all their cousins.  They played for HOURS together... laughing hysterically at each other in the basement and creating epic games (and messes).  It was so fun to listen to them.
Of course they added to their club house furnishings... building a table and hanging pheasant feathers and talons.  (gag)
There were rides on the little wheeler and the tiny motorcycle for hours on end.
There was a pheasant hunt wherein the boys acted as dogs and flushed out a couple of roosters for Dad to shoot and the boys to whoop and holler about.
There was a morning hike in Capitol Reef (the weather was insanely gorgeous - we are talking 70 degrees and sunny without a breeze to even tickle air).  
The boys wore short sleeves on our hike and just jackets in the morning before the sun heated up the atmosphere but man - it was blue skies and Heavenly.
There was a little gingerbread decorating.
And gingerbread eating...
And lots and lots of food.  And love.  
Plus Pumpkin shooting AND a turkey pinata.... because go big or go home, right?
It was just how a Thanksgiving should be.
We are truly grateful for all we have.  I have seen this saying several times in recent months and it hits home every time:
"I still remember praying for the things I have now".
Prayers answered.
Hearts full.