Sunday, October 15, 2017

You Say Futbol, I Say Football...

We are reaching the close of another soccer season and we are in the midst of flag football and guess what?  This week basketball starts.  And that week where all three overlap?  Well - pray for me.  :)
The boys are doing so well this year.  Dax and Kael have decided it's more fun to be the brick houses at the back half of the field and steal goals away from people.  I think it's a secret (or not so secret) mean streak in them because the dudes take their jobs VERY seriously and I catch them with evil grins after they've stripped some hot shot of the ball and sent it soaring downfield to their own offenses.  I totally speak that language.  Defense - it's our jam.
Ace on the other hand still loves an audience and performing for said audience.  His favorite pass time is to run past defenders and score, then airplane his way back to mid-field in celebration.  I'll tell you what - little man has scored his fair share of goals this year, and his team is really starting to get the hang of things.
In fact this weekend all three Gardner guys scored goals in their frigid games and we cheered our guts out and beamed with pride.  Sometimes in parenting - even through extra curricular activities - you get a little gold star stuck to your forehead.  It was fun.
Kael and Dax started flag football this year and lucky for Ryan and I - they do this by grade so we chase them both from game to game every week.  Note the earlier comments above about defense and times them by 100 because getting to physically yank a flag off of a competitor's belt is right up there with pop rocks and grasshoppers.  :)  Ryan has stepped in to coach more times than he has been a spectator at both football and soccer and the boys are down right giddy when Dad coaches them.
All three of our gents will start Jr. Jazz next week and it will be Ace's first season ever.  Which means I get to wrangle the wild Boone each and every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening while a zillion balls bounce his way and he's restrained from getting them. I'm tired already, though I am also stocking my purse with all the tricks this lady knows of for a season full of fewer "toddler runs onto the court in the middle of the game" happenings.  Come on, Booner - we can do it!
In November, wrestling season will start for Ace and our lives will also be dedicated to that for the next four months as well.
And you know what?  I wouldn't want it any other way.  These boys of ours have less screen time than probably any kids in the hood and though it is a little more taxing on us - I'm proud of them and their growing muscles, their strong lungs, their deepening understanding of what it means to be a team player,  their expanding network of friends, and of all the games they're learning to play so well through muscle memory.  And so long as they keep acing those spelling tests and reading - we are the proud parents of a bunch of busy ballers.
On Your Mark - Get Set - GO!!  :)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Of Octobers....

Sometimes fall days are quite literally golden.
Friday was one of those.
We had such a good week full of practices and games and homework and spelling tests.  We attended Parent Teacher Conference and got good reports on each of our boys.  That's all it took to declare a  "seize this fine fall day" kind of moment.  I packed up my little lads and decided to make it an epic Friday, complete with an hour early out from school and a trip with friends to sense all of fall.
I took the boys to the local pumpkin patch and those golden kernels are now ALL over in my mud room floor, in my dryer, in my car.  I'm slightly annoyed with each one I pick up, but mostly it makes me smile as I remember my little happy faced fellers and some of their buddies enjoying the fall sun in the dirtiest, most down home way possible.
The corn maze.  I don't think we got too deep into it but they didn't care because they each found a cob to shuck and they traipsed along in a row for a good while on what they thought was a legendary adventure.  Boone thought this was especially exciting.
There was a pumpkin tower, gaming tables with pumpkins as the game pieces, and a small petting zoo.  There were hay stacks to climb and slides to descend and oh so many pumpkins to be tempted to chuck as far as one could.  :)
The corn pits...
You guys they were a total hit.  There is corn in every possible nook and cranny.  The crew lingered there for the longest time burying one another, filling one another's shirts, taking turns pushing Boone across the surf of gold.  It was a riot and I loved watching them.  
And if posting a hundred pictures of our fun is wrong - than I don't wanna be right.  :)
 I especially loved the white dusting their little faces got as their play got more involved.  And plucking kernels from behind ears and out of diapers (that was discovered a bit later).  And their "beer bellys" full of corn.
Oh Fall - You sassy minx, you. 
You're a complete show off of the best variety and we're so glad you came to play a bit.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Snowy Sundays of September...

Whelp he have already survived the coldest, most blustery game days of the year... but only by a thread.  Last week Mother Nature whooshed a storm our way that was bitter cold and came on the coattails of the world's coldest winds.  Of course, we got to experience every part of it:
First the frigid winds - as we watched Kael and Dax play flag football while Ryan coached.
Then more cold wind as we held soccer practice for all three boys and more flag football games where Ryan and I both got the privilege of coaching. 
Then the rain and wind and "frost bite in mere moments" weather that graced us Saturday morning during three soccer games.

After which, we raced home and tried desperately to thaw out.  

On Sunday - after more rain - we drove up the canyon to find ourselves surrounded by inches upon inches of marshmallowy snow.  On September, 24th.  
Clearly we were all dressed for the occasion.  :)
It got us all excited for winter things and equally happy to celebrate the last remaining warm-ish days of fall before the seasons officially change.
And our first snowman of the season - shown here... in case you, too, need a reminder that Christmas IS LESS THAN three months away!  
I'll just leave that here for you.  :)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ace Face is SIX...

Ace Face turned six years old this week.  He got a new scooter and a new bike because our little lover of life had completely hammered his old ones to the point of no workey...
And that's the thing about our Ace a' Spades.  He goes hard.  He has a vigor for life and a passion for adventure and a silly little personality all his own. We are so happy to ride our little doooood's coat tails through this crazy ride and just watch him shimmy and shake and dazzle the masses while he high steps through it all.
When Ace was born he was our littlest grom by a large margin tipping the scale at just 6lbs 12ounces. But you know what they say about small packages...
This fella's smile is laced with dynamite and his presence lights up a room like the 4th of July.
His brothers and friends and classmates adore him...
As do we.
And we all hope he gets everything he wishes for now and always.
Truly "It SIX citing" to be your mama and daddy-o, Ace.
Love you to the Moon.