Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NY Rockin' Eve 2014...

My house smells clean... looks clean... IS clean... for the next thirty minutes or so until certain people wake up from naps.  There isn't a stitch of Christmas to be found and that creates the illusion that we've gained square footage... you know that feeling when the trees are put away and you're like, what was in that corner before?  Sheesh, it's mind blowing in the best possible way.  Which leaves us with our sparkling clean canvas aptly entitled, 2014.
To put it mildly, I can't wait to see what my little artists create with me this year.

The bar is set high.  2013 was good to us.  So, so good.  For the first time in the past few years we felt cumulatively like we were actually swimming to see things we meant to see... as opposed to treading water.  It felt awesome.  These little men of ours are all mobile and vocal and curious and ready to explore like their traveling papa bear.  It's a good time to be a part of the Gardner five is what I'm trying to say... And the best way to say it, is to look back on our year, in pictures...













I'm proud of this little crew of ours.   I am grateful.  SO grateful that they belong to me and I to them.  I'm excited to look to a new calendar and press the reset button and learn & experience together all the new things that are coming our way this year.
And, not to be too optimistic, but I did find a penny heads up today... just sayin'.
Look out 2014 - we're comin' atcha!