Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Magical World...

Do you know what taking your kids to Disney is like?  
It's like giving them the American Dream.
I'm serious - it was maybe more of a parental right of passage trip for Ryan and I than it was for them  - Because seeing their little eyes take in the magic around them was magic.  
Saying YES more than "no" or "maybe later" was a little overdue.
Eating all the things and staying up way too late was just the ticket.
I loved watching them on rides.  I adored seeing their faces fill with intensity when they became mini-Jedi's and fought off Darth Vader. 
And sure - the trip started with a bout of Croup for Boone and a delayed take off since we had to stop for some meds - and each of us had our "I'm so tired/hangry moments"... but by and large -- Magic.
Nobody does ambiance like Disney.  Nobody.
And nobody can pile up four little fellers in a tub like the Gardner's can.  Nobody.  :)
 And the beach?  Heaven help us we have four budding beach bums on our hands.  They played for HOURS with nary a thought to time/food/temperature or toys.  The beach was a giant, mysterious jungle gym for them equipped with all things to entice their senses.
Some of us maybe dove in a little too hard at times.  :)
 More to come from our California Adventures.
So grateful for this little family of boys and our big boy who provides all of life's greatest opportunities for us day in and day out.  We are so blessed.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Feeling Parched...

I need to quench my thirst for adventure.
Summer we are SO glad you're here.
We kicked you off with swim lessons and soccer camp the first week.
And a trip to Fish Lake the first weekend.
There is a sense of love and togetherness that is unmatched when we road trip, or picnic, or vacation together.  And these trips, these adventures that afford us time with just the people whom we know as "home" - outside of our normal routine - these are the very best part of life.
These times become the fountain our kids will run to drink from when life leaves them thirsty.  As it will.  Many times over.  Until the grateful rain hits the dry earth and surrounds them in Heavenly smelling soil and sometimes, a beautiful rainbow lit sky.
And they will siphon memories of family and fun when they feel their own well running dry.  So fill it - we will - during these days of childhood summers.
We are T minus ten days before we head out for our family summer vacay.  This past weekend we had the bonus of meeting a few American Heroes and sit in their Blackhawk Chopper.
Their minds were completely blown.
Such a cool little man experience.
I can't wait for all the memories we will log together.