Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Turns Out...

So, it turns out, I'm almost ready for a few hot, muggy summer days at home.  Weird huh?

And it's like I planned it or something because, turns out, I booked swimming lessons for the littles for the coming couple of weeks.  Weird huh?

And it turns out, my house could use some TLC.  Like, a few of my favorite (SO not my favorite) tasks like wiping down baseboards and blinds REALLY need to be done.  I thought maybe a magical cleaning fairy might swoop in and take care of it for me while we've been away, but turns out, no magic fairy.  Weird huh?

And it turns out that every so often (but not very often at all) I like to show you the magic of TWO birthday parties for one three-year-old and a family trip and our first boat outing and our second baseball game and some cute bonus pictures with.... well, pictures.  And few words.  (Which is weird for me, huh?  The few words part I mean.  Because let's face it, I could talk you to death and then get down and whisper in your ear.  Ha Ha.  :)  

So, without further ado, turns out here is what "Happy as a Lark" looks like.

And I should take a pic of me right now, smiling like I'm "happy as a lark", because I worked in another well known, yet rarely used cliche.
Turns out it's a regular cliche-a-thon here right now.

BAM - A few more options for "Happiness Posters".
Maybe I'll print a couple of them out with some happiness cliches printed on them.
Or motivational cliches.
Turns out I'll be needing some motivational posters in a few minutes when I finally stop uploading pictures and actually start on the aforementioned cleaning list.

Turns out... the summary is as such:
Traveling with cute/over emotional kids.
Going boating with adorable/spirited kids.
Birthday Parties with grinning/sugar hyped kids.
Baseball games with hyper/tired kids.
Cleaning (sigh) with helpful/not so helpful kids.
Fetch, We're awesome.  :)

Turns out, Fetch, Y'all are awesome too...
Thanks for making our trips and parties over-the-top.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

He is Three...

That's right!  Big Man is celebrating a major milestone today... Kaelster Kael is 3 Years Old!

Remember when he was a little blonde ball o' love with rolls upon rolls to kiss all over?  Me too.  It seems like the longest version of yesterday since our little Horsepower looked like that, but then again, he's learned so much and grown so big that I simply can't dwell on the massive black hole that is time, and I just have to smile and be happy for "Sarge" who has had his birthday celebration planned for months!

I present to you the official list entitled, 
What Kael wants for "Kael's Happy Birfday Party" 2012...

-To go in the white truck to Grampa's red house
-To ride the green one
-To ride the red one
-To ride the yewow one
-To ride the bwack one (and by one, he means four-wheelers)
-To go to a baseball game wif Gramma Jan and Grampa Bob
-To get a Gramma Janice kind Popsicle
-To go get candy at Shera's & Harv's
-To go catch a fish with Daddy
-To go see the stinky cows 
-To go to the park and do the bwu Swide
-To wear his church pants to Grampa's church
-To pack his bwu suitcase
-To have a birfday cake
-To go swimming wif Kim & Nett
-To have summa presents
-To have a birfday bike... a green one

I swear to you, if big fella could write with those massive hands, we would have had post-it-notes all over the house with this list.  And since he can't he has been leaving little creative hints in other ways this past month.  He drags out a cooler, or his suitcase, or Daddy's tackle box.  The other day he was chuckin' food into the cooler like his life depended on it.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, "Goin' fishin wif Daddy" like, duh woman, what does it look like I'm doing?  

He has been oh so serious about what needs to transpire to celebrate the day he was born.  And you know that has to feel so totally awesome to be able to tell people (with words and all) exactly what you want and how you want things to play out on your big day... and then to actually have it happen?  I mean, can you even imagine?  This may be the start of a super sized power trip for little big man.

Ah well.  You know how I feel about marking important days on our family calendar with a bang.  And to celebrate something as amazing as Kaelster coming into our world?  Oh yeah, we are going to follow his specific instructions and make it happen.  Every last request down to the visit to the cows.  Because baby, do we love us some adorable little men around here and YOU were the start of it all.  And our number one job is to make sure that you grow up knowing that we love, love, love you - "Aw da way" as you like to say.

So, after having three kids for nearly a year... we finally have a three-year-old.  And not just any three-year-old... a three-year-old of the Kaelster variety!  Wouldn't change a thing little dude.  Thanks for planning the bash of the year!  May number three be your best one yet!  :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

And Then There's That...

My kids are swinging pendulums of late...

One minute they are downright adorable, sweet, hilarious, and full of belly laughs.
The next they are loud, whiny, throwing a tantrum or knocking someone in the head.

What is with the extremes, I say?

What happened to the beginning of the summer when they were giddy about filling up the wading pool, stripping down and having a Popsicle or twelve?

On the plus side, at least the pendulum is actually swinging and not just hanging there in perma-naughty mode, right?

So, let me share with you some of the favorite sweet-isms of late...
This all goes back to my in-depth scientific knowledge that if you highlight and focus on the good long enough, it's bound to multiply and replenish the earth with more good.  Right?  RIGHT??!  :)

Dax is in love with Coop.  In LOVE with him.  Lately when he goes out in the backyard to play, he joins his best canine friend beneath the porch.  For long spans of time.  I'll come out to check on him every ten minutes or so and I'll say, "Dax, where are you?"  And he responds from beneath my feet, "Are ya pwayin' wif Cooper?" or "Are ya in da tunnel wif Coop?"  I smile like a lunatic.

Kaelster has recently started to ask, "Are ya sure?"  He says it all the time and sometimes it makes sense  and other times it is hilariously used out of context.  Like, tonight, I said, "Do you want white milk or chocolate milk?"  And he said, "Chocolate.  Are ya sure?" I responded like one of those dang Disney vultures, "I don't know, are YOU sure?"  See, kids quirks can quickly rub off on you.  They're tricky like that.

Ace has a pretty sweet little mug.  

To go along with a pretty sweet little new trick.  In fact, if you promise to ignore my annoying baby-talk mama voice, I might even share a little video of Acer's trick.  Here he is sharing his in depth dinosaur knowledge.  If I do say so, myself, that is one of the cutest little things I have ever seen.  

Have I mentioned the big boys like their boots?  Have I told you that we often have on our shorts, shirts and boots?  Have I shared with you the fact that boots, while adored, are at times, difficult to put on.  Here comes a recount of our many times a day scripted conversation...
Me:  "OK, Let's go.  Choose your shoes."
Kael & Dax:  "I punna boots on?"
Me:  "Sure, bring me your boots."
Kael & Dax:  "Push... Push...." Grunt.... (More pretend and imaginary pushing whilst I really do the work and then, "Dere, Me Got It."  Every.Single.Time.  
It has morphed into a little phrase Ry and I use as we do menial tasks like, dishes, take out the trash, etc.     It's a keeper.  Try it.  You'll like it.

Dax has mastered the "Happy Birthday Song".  So much so, in fact, that he has been singing to all our relatives, his dog, and now he's moved on to random objects he sees around the house, "Happy Birf-day to Monkey"  it is endearing.  Especially since his voice is a wee bit horse from long hours of summer play.  Well, that and yelling "Ring a Round a Rosies" a few too many times.

Kael is such an obvious big brother and he feels the need to correct the errant ways of his little bros.  He is a huge boss hog lately.  The littles will sit in their carseats and Dax will comment aloud on something he sees out the window, like, "Deres a big yewow tractor" to which Kaelster will rebut, "NO, Daxi!  Not yewow... it's orange."  Bossy little thing... where would he learn to do that? :)  He'll also throw out random instructions like, "Daxi, Drink ya juice".  Little task master cracks us up.  Whaddya do.  And to clarify what the what these pics are all about... Big K slipped on the top rung of the play set ladder and bashed his face on the platform before tumbling to the ground.  This is his second legit black eye at the ripe old age of two.  We may be in for it.

I guess I'll cap this little positive mojo session off by sharing one of my favorite little tricks the littles learned from Daddy-o.  Dad's are pretty spectacular at teaching useless little games like the name song, right?  You know the one.  It's like the world's greatest litmus test for selecting a kid's name.  So the littles have totally mastered it thanks to Daddy.  And I hear all day long....
"Grampa Grampa bo Bampa...
And then they have personalized it so it has morphed into something like this,
"Tomane-o... me mi mo mano... Grampa."
Sometimes they sing it deep and throaty and sometimes they sing it fast and funny.
They think of every relative and acquaintance they know to keep it going and they even use my silly old Uncles names but they use their nicknames, not their real names... so here are my two two-year-olds singing the name song about "Harvey" and "Tink".  Now that's rich.

And this one?  Well he thinks he's one of the big boys.  He's totally down with soaring great heights in a game of Super Man.  He'll jump into a dog pile and squeal with the rest of the wild yay-hoos. He can climb stairs and he's on the verge of walking and holy crap, I'm soon gonna be triple teamed when RyGar is away.  At which point... you'll find me on the far, far edge of the pendulum swing.... stuck, in an extreme panic mode from a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  
Please pack a defibrillator.
Thank you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ten Months...

In no particular order, here are the Top Ten Things to Love about
Our Mighty Ten-Month-Old...
*Insert Gasp*
I know, right?
HOW, pray tell, did he turn ten months old?
On today's to-do list, invent a "stop time" machine...
Moving on...

1.  His little tongue - this is self-explanatory.

2.  His darling cheeks.  Muah, Muah.
Oh Wait... All four of them :)
Two more Muahs.

3.  His baby blues.  I mean, have you ever?

4.  His Teeth.  These Bottom Two Pearly Whites and of course the fangs which are soon to be joined by his two fronts.  (Hurry Please.  Ry tells me his two fangs are probably just his front teeth but they are spaced SO far apart.  And I'm a little nervous. What if he's right?  What if I'm vain?)

5. His crawl.  I could die watching his little bear cub bod move about the house.

6.  The way he sleeps.  ALWAYS on his side and usually snuggling a blanket.  It slays me.

7.  His obsession with water.  Which is a running trend with every one of our little lambs.

8.  His will to live.  I mean, I laugh as I type that, but seriously, don't the younger kids get hardier due to their sheer will to remain alive?  It's a miracle that any babe survives older siblings.

9.  His somber side.  This little boy is a thinker.  He observes, files it away, and then talks it out later with us after his brothers have gone to bed.  It is adorbs.

10.  The way he hauls his heiny on over to mama whenever I enter the room.  Admit it, you would smile like a school girl if this is what greeted you, without fail, every time you were within sight.  I am a lucky lady - "fo sho".

Oh Acers... we adore you.
You are our little cherry on top of our boy trifecta.
Now stop with all the new tricks and growing and stuff.
You're ten million times more than we ever expected!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I am scared of clusters.
Clusters of crap in my pantry.
Clusters of toys in my living room.
Clusters of laundry stacked in laundry baskets.
Clusters of melted chocolate and various other "things" at the bottom of my bag.

You know, Clusters.
In General.

We bid farewell to family that has been staying with us.
We called a wrap on our family parties (at least for a week).
We put the littles to bed prior to nine pm for two days running now.

I am praying that we can bid farewell to some lingering clusters.
Clusters be gone!

Last night helped.  Last night we got cluster therapy via rain drops.  


And it made us smile.

When it started raining outside, we stopped mid-toy-room-clean up, dropped trou and ran.  
The boys were elated.  

Dax was completely mesmerized by the storm drain.  

Ace crawled his way out the door and into the action.  

And, Big K, mid-splash, threw out a little heartfelt line that made me grin, 
"I SO Happy!"

And for the rest of the evening, the clusters were forgotten.  
I mean, I woke up this morning, and a few of them are still here... weird.
But, you know, rain drops, as magical as they are, can only do so much.