Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Suckers...

You know the holidays are upon us when you're tired of turkey sandwiches
and you see Santa at the mall.

I just wish my little guys knew what "Say Cheese" actually means. They literally think I will momentarily be handing them a stick of the string variety when I say this.
The Santa pictures... they are always funny to me. No reaction to the big dude, he's just another Joe on the street that they'll put up with as long as they are given a sucker.

And once the good stuff is distributed they sit - content -
on any one's lap - any where - any time.

2011- Kaelster is double fistin' it.
Dax Man likey too...
And I have mixed feelings about Santa's Aloha shirt, but whatev...

2010 - My mini big-littles... Still totally unaffected.
Kaelster still holding a sucker.

And 2009... Who needs Santa - Just hand over the Sucker.

Funny little boys.

I suppose I should be glad they don't scream, kick and bawl during their meetings with the big guy, eh? Soon they'll be workin' it, but for now...
They know the system... and it doesn't suck.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grattituie Goes Fruitie...

Random title... I know, but Thanksgiving Day plans are all a jumble and so my brain feels a bit that way too.

Monday A.M. - Packed all three baby boys and myself (no easy task). Feeling stoked to spend Turkey day at the "cabin" with my fam. Had a great Thanksgiving prank planned with my brother and his family and my little crew. Cleaning the house - gettin' ready to fly the coop.

Monday P.M. - Got a call from my Mama who was so sad. Mama had a rash and the Doctor said it is shingles. Babies and preggo mamas should stay away. Thus our baby Ace and my swista and her baby in belly need to change plans. Grandma Gail is devastated. Grandpa Hooky is worried he might "catch it". My brother is making jokes about shingle-berry pie.

Tuesday A.M. - Grandma Jan is ecstatic and so are we. Ain't it nice to have family that will pick up where things go all funnky? I will miss my Mom's pie and stuffing, but Janice is no slacker in the kitchen and we are lucky to have family willing to add three little babes to their reservation with a smile. AND Ry's sister came to our door and said "Surprise" just thought I'd stop in to help. Load lightened. Love it.

And other things to laugh about...

RyGar, seeing my confusion at our sudden change of direction over the holiday weekend asked for a hug. I gave him a lackluster version instead of my usual Pollyanna, lovin' life version. RyGar said, "Oh Amber, Hug me with Your Heart." I laughed so hard I blew a little snot out my nose inadvertently... Not flattering, but true.
I love that boy.

Kaelster was served up some pomegranates from Great Grandma Clement's yard and he proclaimed the little kernels of goodness to be "Yed Cown"... translation, "Red Corn".
Genius I tell you. His other thing is to say, "Oh Gosh, Daxi" whenever something is thrown, misplaced, spilled, etc. It is hilarious because "Daxi" is the culprit even if Kael has JUST done the deed miliseconds prior.

Dax Man has decided that Kael's name is not Daxi. This is a big step in the right direction. He now smiles, points and loudly proclaims, "TAIL" every time he sees Kaelster. They have a little bromance going on right now in a big way and "Tail" giggles profusely at everything Dax does... which explains the bromance and Daxi's affinity for trouble as of late. Dax also says "ACE" but only through gritted teeth. He literally does not open his mouth when he says it and I feel as if that is his little way of grinning and bearing the fact that there is a new babe in town.

Ace is sweet. Sugary Sweet.

We had a great big bubble bath together tonight and he just smiled and sung and stretched and snuggled and I was in Heaven. He is Two Months old and I can't believe it. Healthy as a horse and tipping the scales at nearly twelve pounds and stretching twenty five inches long puts him in the fiftieth percentile for weight and ninety-fifth for height.
He is nearly at the most coveted baby age where they sleep through the night, figure out the entire gastrointestinal system and are immobile... and I am a lucky girl.

The summary of this random little post is... when your plans go haywire... They're really just gettin' refined in another way. And though I am a country bunkin' kinda gal and I would prefer the semi-annual pheasant hunt over Black Friday crowds... I'm excited to do it up right.
Feeling grateful... 'tis the season.
Happy Turkey Day :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Latest...

This past week during "nap time" I had two little munchkins who decided the whole napping thing was totally optional.

Dax Man reached through the railings of his crib as far as he possibly could to retrieve dirty laundry out of his hamper. He was in the company of two jackets, a few socks and some jeans from lunch that had ravioli and alfredo sauce on them. Therefore, Dax was snacking on alfredo, and his crib sheet paid the buttery price. Not that I can complain... he is also cutting four new teeth including his top two eye teeth and eating hasn't been too high on his to do list. He prefers to guzzle which is pain free to little red gums.

Kaelster found an under-the-bed Rubbermaid bin stocked with new clothes. (I always hit the online sales and buy the next size up and store them under their beds). In this bin of treasures was two new pair of shoes complete with the little silicon gel beads that are clearly labeled, DO NOT EAT. Well, big K must have thought they resembled Nerds, which he learned about during Halloween and he made a little bed in the now empty Rubbermaid bin and was snacking on Silicon. Perfect.

I didn't really freak when I found Daximus... but I totally freaked when I found Kael. I raced to the phone to dial Poison Control and learned two things...
1. If you work at Poison Control you must have the most soothing voice and calm aura of all human kind. Bless you, John.
2. Silicon Gel beads are virtually harmless unless ingested by the hundreds. In fact the little packets are labeled so aggressively because they are a choking hazard.

And so, the Shenanigans continue... but on the plus side. Ace is on the precipice of sleeping through the night... he made it for SEVEN hours last night and he is also just about to bust a gut and giggle aloud any day now. A baby belly laugh can cure anyone of anything, you know?

And... drumroll please...
I made it to H&M but only really perused the baby boy section... classic.

And I bit the bullet and went to Twilight last night.
Before you snicker, just know that I know how lame the movies are, but if you've read the books and you're of the female gender, it's kind of required to see it, right?
Be warned that you shouldn't eat a big meal before you go. It is fairly bloody and gory but there are a few great naughty parts before it gets gruesome.

And this being Thanksgiving week, I have to say THANKS to my RyGar who watched the little men while I got my girl on with my swista at a chick flick.
Yay for him and Yay for me.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gator Baby...

Sometimes I come across a brilliant find and I just simply must share what is probably common knowledge to most folks but to me (the slow learner here) is a genius spark of treasured info. So, may I introduce you to the concept of Styrene and Gator Foam.


I was too, but here it is on display in my bedroom....
(Thank you to three adorable little models for illustrating this point)

And you thought I had spent a gazillion dollars on canvas portraits of my little lambs, didn't you? Heck no, they're worth it for sure, but they change ever so quickly and I intend to keep up with them on my bedroom gallery wall.

SO... here's the lowdown. Call around your area to find out what photo labs print on styrene or gator foam. It is pennies on the dollar compared to printing on canvas and it looks amazin. Sure, it isn't as thick as a canvas portrait, but you get some dimension and your wallet stays thicker. If you live around here Snelson's Photo Lab does a great job and will ship any order that exceeds $25 bucks for free via UPS so you get it fast.
And they didn't even pay me to say that.

I assume my generous tip giving has been spurred by the onset of the holidays. Or maybe these cute brothers who are demonstrating love and kindness in droves to me lately.

Happy Printing... Happy Weekend.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


In an attempt to lose the baby girth that has gathered around my mid-section, I have been faithfully attending aerobics at our local church house every other day. It leaves some things to be desired, for sure, but at least I am getting my sweat on and the little bigs are burning some energy as they bike around the church house gym and halls with the other kids.

Well... I am having second thoughts. My Kaelster has added another "uh-oh" to his rap sheet and this time, it was the old pulling of the fire alarm. Which may be a somewhat frequent occurrence according to the other ladies, but is mortifying nonetheless.

Do you recall watching Dennis the Menace and seeing his little hands just fidget and flinch when he wanted so badly to touch something but knew that he shouldn't? Big K has that syndrome. He is a little mechanical engineer and he must, MUST push buttons, pull levers, open doors and turn knobs.

When I ran out to the hall to determine if it was indeed one of my little rascals that pulled this stunt, Kaelster was sitting against the wall next to the alarm pointing at me and saying, "Don't Touch!" Followed swiftly by a "Saw-Yay"... which is the most humble and sincere version of sorry in case you didn't know. And it was a good thing he served up his apology with puppy dog eyes and humble pie because mama was not happy.

So after I called dispatch to cancel the order of the local fire crew and then called the building manager to stop the alarm... the parenting guilt crept up. Why my kid? Am I not doing a good job teaching him boundaries and discipline? I would like to help him maintain his curiosity and his zest for self discovery, but not at the expense of him learning to obey the rules. What could I be doing better? Are we trodding along on the path to upstanding citizenship and bright futures?

Simple questions, like that start racing through my brain and it is there that they fester.

If I haven't already done so, I hereby tip my hat to all the parents of the world past and present.
This rodeo ain't easy.

And my high on life self has to admit that the calamities are at times hilarious (especially in hind sight) but I do so hope that my soon-to-be gaggle of toddlers will leave some disastrous stones unturned. Fair Enough?

Please, pretty please, if you have an embarrassing story that involves children, crowds, emergency services, etc. let me know. Misery loves company ya'll. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Social Totem Pole...

Sometimes my RyGar comes up with little one-line gems that stick around for the rest of our lives...

Like the time I was ticked at him and he hugged me and said,
"Amb, Don't be such a Hata..." like such a white dude.
I laughed 'til I cried.

Or this weekend when he said,
"I think it is safe to say that we have arrived at the bottom of the Social Totem Pole."

The what?

And then with a few more minutes of pontification, I had to admit,
Dude knows what he's talkin' 'bout.

And here are a few prime examples of our current loser status:

1. I have seriously been thinking about how to start up a new trend.... "Laundry Dates". You know, instead of play dates? We could just chat and bounce babies and fold one another's massive heaps of laundry. Multi-tasking at its' finest, right? And I would probably be making this happen if there weren't an underlying embarrassment about having someone else fold your undies. I just can't cross that thresh hold.

2. H&M opened here in our great state and it has long been a favorite shopping destination of mine. I have shopped it's contents in Chicago and New York and San Fran but here in my own hood; I haven't been. And in all likelihood, I probably won't make it until after the holidays for sheer lack of time and the inability to truly peruse through the racks of delightful things without a tiny entourage. So sad. I might be the only woman in 2011 that doesn't have colored denim. :)

3. I haven't seen Foot Loose or Money Ball and I can honestly say that we had high intentions of seeing both of them. OK - just me on the first one, but both of us wanted to adore Brad Pitt in the second one. OK - just me again. RyGar says the whole story line is an epic sports story. I say, who gives, just give me Brad and a movie soda. Oh, and let me have a good hair day for my big date night out.

4. Our Friday night experience (yes, that's what we've started calling our pathetic little end of week events) consisted of running laps around Cabelas to the sound of two pair of squeaky shoes, watching the official "Feeding of the Fish", homemade pizza and rootbeer and then bath time, bed time and two weeks worth of recorded "Office" episodes. Laugh if you'd like.

I could go on, but I think you've caught my drift. I am a socialite no more.

And then there is the flip side of the coin. I have these three sweet little somethings that snuggle into the nape of my neck and ride contentedly on my hip and hold my hand through the parking lots of life voluntarily. And they run to me like I am the Master of the Universe when I enter the doors of our casa and I love it. And I have to remember, that our days of socializing were aplenty, and awesome and they will be back before we know it. But nights of squeaky shoes and suckers... Now those coveted treasures are few and far between.

So, I accept my fate at the bottom of the social totem pole with a little grain of salt and,
"I take thee, Life, to be my lawfully wedded whathaveyou."

And I vow to see the flip side of the coin every day of my little mens' lives...
And to only laugh about the satire of the Social Totem Pole...

I Do.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the Course of a Day...

Someone 'Round Here Is Smiling....

Someone Is Crying...

Someone Is Sticky and/or Blue...

Someone Is Injured...
Before you freak out, know that these were fresh little wounds that look bad, but actually weren't major.
Dax Man earned these when he ate it from his bike into newly cut yard grasses.
Minimal crying took place.

Someone Is Stinking...

Someone Is Sleeping...

Someone Is Kissing...

Someone Is Cleaning...
Oh Yeah... Real Vacuum, Real Mess, Real Happy Little Man...

Someone Is Streaking...

And Three Little Someone's are Melting my Heart.

Through all the Madness...
Cute little Buggers.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love & Adoration...

I have a few loves and obsessions currently. They are unique for this moment and are worth documenting because sometimes... it's the little things, right?

For instance...

I love my Bissell Steam and Sweep. Have kids that eat like Daxi? Invest... you will thank yourself.

I love my Mother-In-Law. Really, I don't know if I could survive without her lately. She unexpectedly shows up with meals and she volunteers around this crazy zoo twice a week. Saint.

I love Costco. Their two-pack milk cartons and their pre-cooked dinners are saving my life one day at a time.

I love that Kaelster currently calls broccoli, "Little Trees". Makes so much sense I think he is a logical little genius.

I love Diet Coke. I am fairly certain that it is single handedly keeping me alive. Well, that and the mini-bundt cake that my dear friend delivered this week. Delish.

I love listening to my big little boys' shenanigans during bath time. They crack each other up with their bubble blowing and wrestling and general mischief making.
This in turn, cracks me up.

I love that Ace is growing Sumo cheeks. To think that he started out so small and may be my biggest little babe yet sort of amazes me.

I love lame design shows on HGTV. I have a file (that's right, I'm a nerd that has a physical file of "stuff" but I think that just shows that I got a jump start on Pinterest) of pictures and notes on the things I am going to do in my dream home. It's going to be amazin'.

I love Dax's obsession with "Air-Panes" and that he points to the sky a zillion times a day to proclaim (mostly falsely) that he sees one of his favorite things.

I love that Ryno snuggles in on weekend mornings surrounded by little boys. They climb all over him and he can still hold a conversation with me while I attempt to primp in the bathroom. Impressive, no?

I love that the holidays are here. LOVE this time of year. Love almost everything about it... but could do without this morning's windy snowdrifts. Argh.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Dax Man rocks my socks off in the photog department.

This little Romeo LOVES to smile at the ladies and blow kisses.

He is also all about cars and airplanes at the moment, so when he spotted a little winged contraption high atop some prop, he was ALL about it.

I think eighteen months might be my favorite Dax age.

Wanna bet I'll say that again in about six months?
Love you little ham!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And So It Was...

Here is our trio of cutie patooties in their Halloween get ups.
Meet Batman, Robin, and our Little Bat.

Question - How can a mama resist going with a theme for such close little buddies?
Answer - She can not. So she does not.

Second Question - How does a mama get three little men to pose for a picture?
Answer - See Above. :)

And lemme tell you - they got in the spirit of Halloween.

They RAN in their squeaky shoes after catching the drift during the first street from the confines of the wagon and they would timidly or loudly chime,
"TICK TEAT" and then "ANDY, ANDY".

Action and Reward ya'll.
They totally got it.

Littlest Man had to get crammed into his tiny little costume - he is too chubs.
As you can see, he didn't love it.

Oh well. He stayed nice and warm with Dad at home and then with Grandma and Grandpa G who brought hot dog mummies for dinner along with Ghoul pie.

Halloween 2011... Awesome.
And don't even get me started on that fantastic weather.
It was One for the books, baby.