Sunday, February 11, 2018

Starfish and Sting Rays...

This past week we got to spend the night at the Aquarium - after hours.  This meant spending a night "under the sea" without the "sea" of people to deal with.  And it didn't suck.  :)
I love watching the wonder of a first-time aquarium goer.  
Boone's face said it all...
Like, "Wait, you WANT me to reach my hand in the water and touch that critter?" 
"You aren't going to pull my hand out and say, 'No-No'?"
"It's allowed to run up to the big tanks and put my hands and face on the glass and stare in wonder for an extended length of time?"
Yes, Yes, Yes... all of the above, little loves.
Also - the shark tunnel.  Will I ever get over the irrational fears/complete wonder of the shark tunnel?  Like seriously - ALL that water... it's bound to collapse sometime.  Just watch, I'll be walking through the shark tank when an earthquake cracks the glass and I'll be eaten on land by a Great White.  These are thoughts I entertain while walking through the tunnel every dang time.  But I kind of love the thrill and the threat of danger all wrapped into one.
That is why folks pay to go to the aquarium, I guess?
For the record, we didn't have to pay.  Which makes every experience all the more enjoyable.  And bonus - free ice cream sandwiches.  Double bonus: I travel with Boone, who, true to form, has a bite or two and then says, "Don't want it, Mommy.  Here go."  Don't mind if I do, Booner Bear.
We found all the brightly colored poisonous frogs in the frog habitat.
We lounged on a great number of frog statues as well.
And a turtle... for good measure.
The penguins were experiencing their 20+ hours of winter darkness in their habitat that mimics the arctic, which was a bit of a bummer, but I guess we understand.
Kaelster had a butterfly or two land on him in the butterfly habitat.  He was the only one in our crew, so we've decided he is the sweetest.  :)
And Grandpa & Boone schemed up various ways of catching the lunker out of the fresh water exhibits together.  Few words.  Many hand gestures.  :)
We lost Ace Face several times who was hell bent on finding the otters and the sloths with or without our companionship.  So if you're wondering why you never see his face in these shots - know that Grandma was playing a mandatory game of Hide & Seek with him most of the night.  Bless her.
And the obligatory aquarium shot to wrap it up....
For the record, my childhood viewing of Jaws makes this pose a little hard for me to take... still.
Some things stick with you, you know?
Du-Duh.... Du Duh....

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What I'm Learning about Little People...

Yesterday I heard a guy draw a parallel between being a farmer and growing seeds into plants - to being a parent and growing children into upstanding citizens.
He basically said, "Plant it - provide good conditions for it to grow - and LET IT BE."
He went to talk about how weird it would be to see a farmer out in his fields hovering over every single seed that was planted amongst his acres of rows of seeds.  But he acknowledged it wouldn't be strange to see a farmer look to the Heavens to utter a prayer for his crops.  It wouldn't be odd for a farmer to talk to other farmers about watering, or fertilizing.  And he said it is an expectation that a farmer would occasionally apply a pest control, or weed deterrent for his precious seedlings.
BUT by and large, the seeds will grow and develop and become plants much on their own accord.
All this to say.... Whew - we had a rough patch around here.
And looking back, I think RyGar and I probably hovered over our little seeds too much -- Hypothetically speaking.
Ours are good boys.  

Hard Working

And we want the very best for them.  
SO... when Kael cried when his beloved Patriots didn't win the Superbowl - we got upset.
When Ace flipped off the wall at the hotel pool into the water - we yelled and put him in time out.
When Dax pitched a fit trying to find the "old man beard" to cap off his 100th day of school look - we sighed in frustration and rolled our eyes at one another as we shoved them out the door to school.
It's a hard balancing act - this whole parenting gig.  
I know they're capable of so much, so I keep upping the bar of expectation... probably unfairly.
And so... thanks to the analogy of the farmer and the seed.  This mama took a few chill pills these past couple of days, and as prescribed... the seedlings are growing just fine on their own without my hovering or urging promptings in their ears.
On Saturday we all went outside after their ball games and played Poison and Speed.  The neighbors were out and the kids were all there and Kael said to me, "I love it when this happens!"
"What?" I asked.
"You know when all the kids and parents are outside together just talking and playing - it's the best!"
It takes so very little.
I'm recommitted to chillax and let good things grow.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Let's Play Hooky...

Hi There - Hey There!
It's been a minute.
I blame the mild winter.
It's causing me to wild things like paint the garage and load top soil in the yard...
In January!
BUT, finally - we have snow!
An early out day was in order so we could claim our favorite sledding hill all to ourselves.
I should know by now that these impromptu parental adventures -- these little moments of playing hooky from regularly scheduled responsibilities are just the ticket for a January afternoon... 
Boone's 2018 version of "Iditarod or Die" game face.
Wanna know how my boys do sledding?
Full throttle.
There is no walking around the mountainside to take in other sites.
There is no tiring of the current hill (with a jump at the end) or looking for a new hill.
There is just zipping down and climbing back up again x 81 or so.
Along with, "WHOA - NAILED IT!"
And appreciative whoops and hollers for those who catch air or biff it hard. 
I love it.
And guess who else loves it?
Booner Bear cracked up every time he watched someone zip down the hill in front of him and end in a heap of human down below.
I could not believe how long he stood on the sidelines and watched - completely entertained.
And speaking of "Heap of Humans" - can you believe I was co-creator of this one?
Floors me every time.
So grateful for little adventures like these.  
And praying I can always remember the effort and catch up is worth it.  
As is attempting the self-timer and failing.  :)
Just do it. 
And eat icicles.
You only live once.