Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Week in Review - Calendar Style...

Last Sunday the boys performed in the Primary Program in our ward.
They were adorable and sung their little hearts out.  Each of them spoke confidently into the mic and recited their parts.  We held our breath for some sort of display of wills or hilarity - but alas - they were perfect gentlemen and we are so proud of them.
On Monday, our fellas took off for school on their scooters and we got one of "those calls", where your hearts leaps up into your throat and you're not sure what to expect but you know it isn't all butterflies and rainbows...
Poor Dax crashed --
and split open his chin
and knocked out his tooth
 (Baby tooth - Thank Heavens)
and bloodied his nose.
The entire Gardner gang was hovered over piles and piles of leaves on the bike trail desperately searching for the missing tooth (which was all Dax Man was distraught over) when our cute neighbor noticed the anomaly and asked if anyone needed help.
Well - turns out they did.
Kael rode off to school with Ace - after Ace lost his breakfast at the sight of bloody Dax.  :)
Then our neighbor delivered our little tough man with nary a tear to our front door and we ushered him to get his first set of stitches at the doc.
He is one tough little dude, that Dax.  
And he is a tiny bit richer thanks to a compelling note he wrote to the tooth fairy to explain the absence of his actual tooth.
On Tuesday morning Boone woke up early to watch his favorite "Punky Shoe" aka "Monkey Show" aka Curious George.  He did this in the nude except for head wear.
He also tried to give himself a heiny lift.
I do this all the time Boone.  I hope your luck is better than mine.  :)
On Wednesday the Target toy catalogues were out and the boys took time pouring over their pages and circling the toys that looked of interest to them.
Did anyone else do this with the Sears and JC Penny catalogues when you were younger?  It's so amazing how some things are a cheap thrill universally.
On Thursday the boys had basketball and wrestling.  
At one point or another they were all participating.
At another point they were all spectators.
And in the end they all failed at their first group selfie.  LOL
It cracks me up.
On Friday we took the crew to see Wonder.  I feel like every 
kid in the world needs to watch that movie.  We talked on the way home about how the world needs nice people.  But not just nice people who won't be mean to those among us who look or act differently -- Nice people that are willing to stand up to those that are mean to people who look or act differently.  Those that will actively show love and change behaviors.  Those who will bravely take a lightly trodden path of goodness that will start a movement of "nice people" that will spread like wild fire in the best possible way.
I'm confident these little dudes have it in them.  They show me all the time.
On Saturday the fellas got to go with Dad to the BYU basketball basketball game.
They ate all the good things and danced their booties off to get on the jumbo tron.
BYU lost.  I'm sure you're shocked.  :)
And here we are - full circle on a Sunday.
With these little fellas who make us sweat and smile and do our best every darn day.
 Grateful to be celebrating a week of Thanksgiving with some of my favorites.
We are so blessed and my cup runneth over.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Jazz Hands...

Well well well - what have we here?
A gaggle of Gardner Guys huddled around Grandpa's phone as they watch and rewatch a "kill shot".
Boys. :)
We hustled up to Logan for the Baptism of another one of our cute cousins.  It was a wild and raucous party and oh so fun!  (Boone's Tea Cup is killin' me) 
And took pictures of this cute couple.  It was raining and freezing per Logan.
This week my little ballas and I attended the Jr. Jazz Tip Off Party at the Vivint Arena.
 Where these dudes met some other ballas... and collected autographs.
We also met some cheer leaders (the fellas asked me to "cut the girls out of the picture") and my chest swelled with pride.  That's right boys... crop out ALL the girls until you're at least 21.  :)
They stood center court and each got to take a shot.
And then they hung out in the locker room with Rudy Gobert's stuff -- not Rudy Gobert.
Which was a bummer but still rad.
They all played their basketball games this week and wrestling started too - so it's no wonder I'm always late to the keyboard around these parts lately.  Just know -- this boy mom gig is all that and a bag o' chips.  I love hanging with my dudes.
And I may or may not have done a some "Jazz Hands" myself in center court- which no one but me appreciated and I didn't even care.  :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Fest...

October - you sly dog you.
You woo me with your weather - your leaves a light in fiery colors - your fall break shenanigans and your carmel apples (I made two batches this year).
And then - your final days approach and I have to Mom so hard I almost want to just jump up and down and gleefully wave "ADIOS!" to you.
Like Pumpkin carving....WHY?!
(Double Why - See Booner fixated on the FAKE Jack-o-lantern?)
Does anyone truly like this?  I dare say no.  But chalk this one up to "we do it for the kids" and when I say we do it - we do ALL of it.  Acey almost barfed gutting his gourd.  Boone shook his head from side to side and said - "NO!  Ucky!"  Which is true, so what do you say back?  And then none of them can quite be trusted with sharp objects so the carving goes to the 'rents.  Lucky us.
Then there is actual Halloween day... you guys, I woke up an hour earlier today so I could get myself ready in order to be able to "costume" all the fellers.  I had to find the missing white glove for Mario, safety pin Harry's robe shut because that shoddy store bought thing wasn't going to do it, help out Indiana whose gun holster was bringing down his drawers.  Sigh.
But We made it.  
For round one that is.
The day is oh, so, young
We marched over to school with them for the costume parade.
Then rewarded ourselves with a Diet Coke after all that waving and smiling.
Fine that was just me.
Then returned to load the washing machine and cut the veggies for the relish tray before we headed back over to the school for the class parties.  Which obviously included over frosted sugar cookies complete with one zillion sprinkles and pumpkin bowling.
I'm thinking of dressing up as a cute Grandma this evening so I can roll around the hood in a wheel chair because this day is like a marathon that just keeps going.
But you can't stop say no to little faces like this on a holiday, ammiright?
Happy Haunting to you All...
We will sleep well tonight.  :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Hunting We Will Go....

You Guys - HEY!
Just coming to you after the dirtiest - grossest weekend known to mankind - the deer hunt.
 Let me tell you something, the morning started at 3 degrees in the dark with Ace Face upchucking on my lap since the truck windows were frozen shut.  
And now I'm awake.  :)
Next to puke - Kaelster - who ralphed out the side window and created a nice camo pattern down the side of the truck door.  Wow.  On a roll.
Mama missed her first deer.  Let's not dwell on that.
Mama got a deer.  The tiniest two-point on the mountain.  
 Stopped Dax right in his tracks as we were hiking through the trees and he was dutifully watching his every step as he traipsed behind me through the leaves and logs studying the very ground he was walking on.
Daddy-o shot some pine hens that Wyatt spotted and the boys gleefully collected them and held them by their talons begging for him to cut one off for them to add to their "lucky rabbit's feet" keychains.  Ewww.

And Booner snuggled in at Grandma's house while she and Sophie took good care of him and played the whole day long with our little charmer.  The only one who wasn't covered head-to-toe in gross.  ;)
It was quick.  It was fun.  It was eventful.  And it's done.
And that's just how I like my deer hunts.
Thanks for making it memorable little lads.  We *mostly* loved having you around.
 Next year we'll work on volume levels.  Sigh.