Friday, June 8, 2018

A Baptism for Someone Gr8...

We celebrated Dax Man's baptism this past weekend.  
He is SUCH a sweet and gracious dude and he looked so dang handsome in his blue suit.  
That smattering of freckles across his nose, and his eyes that light up when he smiles, make for the very best accessories any little gent could wear.
It was a great day.
Here is the spotlight we submitted to our ward newsletter in celebration of one of our favorite fellers:
Dax Ryan Gardner was born on May Day and he has been just like the warm sun for our family ever since.  Dax gives friendship and love to every person he meets because he has a giant heart.  He is sharp as a tack, athletic as they come, and just honest to goodness, a dream come true.
Dax loves reading, playing soccer, baseball, basketball & football and he also swims like a fish.  He is helpful, eager to do what is right, and impossibly important to us.
We are so thrilled that our Dax Man has decided to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.  We love him deeply and we know his Heavenly Father loves him too.
We are proud to call you ours, Dax.  It is so fun to get to watch you thrive and grow.  You will do amazing things, buddy, and we'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.  We love you like crazy!
We were lucky enough to score pictures with his amazing grandparents.  Thanks to them he is all outfitted with his Book of Mormon and a case to carry it in. 
We had lots of cousins and friends who came to support our awesome 8-year-old.  We are grateful to everyone who came to participate in his program and wish him well.  
After Dax's program we gathered in our backyard for a BBQ on a beautiful June day.  
Our darling neighbor made Dax his birthday cake.  Poor dude had to wait a full month for us to sing Happy Birthday and blow out his candles.  The wait was worth it because this thing was divine.  We're lucky he shared.
We hope you always make great choices that bring you joy and freedoms.  Thanks for sharing your testimony after your big day.  And Thanks for making this parenting gig pretty dang easy.

You're going places, bud.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Memorial Day...

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend in the sun and heat of St. George.
It was nice to wrap up baseball season and hit the road for some R&R with the fam.
We made it a point to stop and decorate Great Grandpa Clement's grave with Grandma.  It was a beautiful day and the grounds looked so pretty.  
And after that it was all pool all the time.  Just how we like it.

It cracks me up how much they need to eat after they swim.  Ryan cut up a watermelon and there was a trail of juice and some bare rinds left after about five minutes.  It was if little piranhas had devoured it in mere moments.  :)
We got our base tans.
Boone staked claim of the kiddie pool.
The boys wore their cheeks raw from their goggles.
And that equates to an amazing long weekend.
Look out summer - we comin' for ya.

Monday, June 4, 2018

It's Sprung...

Between baseball, soccer, school and work this mama has fallen woefully behind in posting all things spring - and let's face it - it's already sprung.

Right now my brood is out in the back yard with squirt guns firing from all directions and a kiddie pool full of water balloons that are sure to last less than five minutes once all the buddies arrive... and here I am just catching up from school and soccer days of yore.

That's right I went with yore.
So in few words (because yore is coming out of this mouth of mine) and more pictures... here are some of our spring time highlights.

Ace is an animal and is aggressive on the field which leads to lots of goals and red cheeks.
Dax is synonymous with defense and the dude is a wall.  Nothing gets past Dax when he's in the field.
Kael is definitely most improved this year and stepped up his game leap years.  It's like it all clicked and he is versatile and able to play anywhere on the field.
Boone is fast.  And he made his debut on the field far too many times.  But I got my sprints in - so there is always a silver lining.
Boone is also the reason I only have pictures of Ace because he had a mid-week game and I left Booner with RyGar and snapped some shots.  Phew.
Besides being fast, Boone is a water dog.
He wants to be "outside" in his swimming suit whenever a new day dawns.  :)
And if I decide to say no to the swimming suit and mow the lawn.  I come back to the full monty.

And I'm never mad about that.  :)
At this phase anyway.
Somehow betwix all the balling and scouting and schooling Ryno fit in a trip to the mountain for some spring fishing which made all the fellas swoon.
They have become master gutters too - not master baiters - which is my Dad's favorite joke. 
While they were away, Boone practiced his bubble blowing.  It's a life skill, folks.
It's all in the lips.  Or so he told me.  :)
We celebrated school nearing it's close with the annual Dance Festival.  It really is so fun to watch all the kids perform by grade.  We have no shortage of performing genes in these dudes.  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.
Scouting.  I have two of them.  Kael has already earned all his Wolf Merit Badges so he is already sporting his Bear kerchief and hat.  Dax just started in the Wolf Den and man, oh man, they are some cute boy scouts.
PS Thank the Heavens for those Iron On Patches, ammiright?
And baseball.  Oh it has been SO dreamy having all the kids on one team.  Team Hooks was coached by one hunk-of-a-dude, RyGar, and they did SO well.  They lost in the semi-finals in a heart breaker, but we were so proud of them and their improved skills and awesome sportsmanship and teamwork.

The Gardner boys represented the strongest 1/4 of the batting lineup.  Kael and Dax were the only two dudes who hit triples in the season.  
And now that it's June - my lofty goal is to post Memorial Day weekend before the month ends.  
I kid, I kid.
Maybe.  :)