Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lava Birthday Weekend...

Let it be known that Lava Hot Springs is the favorite summering spot for our future Olympic Diver, Kaelster.  SO when we asked what he wanted to do for his family birthday celebration (albeit a few weeks early) we half way knew what his answer would be..
He "lavas" Lava.
And he REALLY wanted to show off to his Papa Bear this year.
When I told my Mom how badly he wanted to go swimming with his Daddy-o she said, 
"I get that... there is something sort of awesome about swimming with your dad."
Must be a universal truth.
Kael has some weird human gene that enables him and his still seven-year-old body to fearlessly and tirelessly jump from the high dive x 41 times with nary a show of nerves.
Dax's gene is less pronounced but still present.  They are fearless little fliers and watching them bound from platforms together was so entertaining.  I could post a million videos of them in action - but just know that those tiny little bodies atop that highest platform?  Those are our boys.
Ace nearly threw a fit of frustration when he wasn't old enough OR tall enough to do the platform dives and he had to settle for the high spring board diving boards.  I said, maybe next year and his brothers were quick to announce that he still wouldn't be the required seven years old next year and his emotions ran raw... hot little tears fell from his cheeks.  Poor feller.
Boone Digliano is also working on his form.  He lept from the side of the pool and slid down the kiddie slide until he was delirious with happy and tired.  
We enjoyed two beautiful days of sunshine together and made it a little weekend getaway.  The popcorn clouds across those blue skies were perfection.
And soon - very soon - we'll celebrate the real birthday of our Kael.
Can't believe he will be 8!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lake Tahoe... I kid, Tibble Fork...

Just up in our canyon sits the prettiest little lake there ever was.  In fact, if it wasn't so dang populous for this country girl's style - it might be on the list of my top five lakes ever.  And hell's bells - the good folks of Urban planning just made it a little bit better.
Tibble Fork now resembles the blue waters of Lake Tahoe.  The pine trees run right down to the water on one side and on the other side they have imported loads and loads of powder fine sand so you can "beach" til your little heart's content.  I'll be honest - beaching will consume most of your time unless you're in a water craft because that icy, mountain water is FRIGID!  But who cares?
Just LOOK AT IT!  
We have commandeered my Dad's kayak for a few weeks so we can fully experience it and we joined forces with some of our favorite neighbors who (BLASPHEMY... had never been before) and we spent one entire afternoon swimming and beaching and kayaking.  The hours flew by.
My only regret is not taking along my big camera to capture this place in all it's summer glory.  It kind of inspired me for the second half of our summer adventures... 
I'm like a freak of nature at the moment.
So I'm sure you'll 'Scuse us while we go lap up more of summer's simple pleasures like this one.
And no one mention T minus however many days until school starts...
Or Else.  :)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Little Peeks of Summering...

Random Summer Things...

1.  Boys who coordinate before church will always be one of my love languages.
Also, their mood changes occur in literally .2 seconds and their faces don't really disguise said changes.  I have exactly one second to get a decent shot and then all bets are off.
2.  Boone is a Mountain Goat.  And yes, I said that before about Dax - but this kid has taken it to a new level.  All the goods have been moved to higher ground, but he knows it... so he makes his appearance at the least opportune times and at the highest of perches.
Also - get yer little ivories OFF MY SHUTTERS!  Geez.
3.  I still love a hot summer rodeo and a chunky-iced snow cone more than most things.  The Lehi Rodeo didn't disappoint this year and gosh darn those Wright brothers are legit cowboys... 
Mine, however, are MUCH cuter.  Just sayin'.
4.  Boone went to nursery.  (Insert Tears)  My little mama's boy is growing up right before my eyes.  He didn't cry and he even half-heartedly colored a picture.  So next week Imma gonna pinch him before I send him so he'll bawl as if he misses me.  
5.  Summer Homework is still happening on days we find ourselves in our own abode.  When I haven't downloaded worksheets the night before I request written notes or letters as their daily work.  I die at how cute their little notes have been to missionaries, grandparents and primary teachers.  If I do nothing else all summer long I will give myself exactly one feather in my cap for that.  :)
And lastly, we've reached the point of summer when kids are randomly collapsing in a heap of sleep when normally nap time wouldn't occur.  Bless this little boy who was all prepped for church and couldn't even keep those lids heavy with lashes open for a moment longer.
And bless us all.
Summer is the best of times and the most exhausting of times.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Red White and Blue Through & Through...

The Fourth of July snuck up on me this year.  Which is blasphemy coming out of my mouth because #favoriteholiday
Sunday came and we went to church and taught lessons, then we raced home and threw in all the red, white and blue clothing we could grab from drawers and closets - along with our baseball mitts because priorities - and off we went to my hometown shindig.
The thing is - it doesn't matter how much I personally plan - these kids - they just get there and lauch themselves into all the "summer holiday at Grandma's" postcard activities you can imagine.  Even if it is 100 degrees and we're all melting like popsicles... we just eat another.  :)
And let me tell you - we don't take the opportunity to celebrate family, our country and summer  - lightly.  We know how to have some fun!
I will forever be grateful to live in the good old U.S. of A. and celebrate her birthday with those I love.  I love being an American.  I love raising Americans. 
And there is something about that night with the booms shaking the valley around us and lighting up the skies... it's the crescendo of the whole celebration and my heart feels happy happy happy.
So you've been warned... my American Summer freak flag is flying mighty high...
See evidence below:
I love watching my family enjoy summer.