Monday, August 7, 2017

Pioneer Day Shenanigans...

Way back on July 24th we were traveling home from steamy St. George and we stopped at my home town to cool off and celebrate Pioneer Day with my parents. 
The boys dressed the part -- kind of.  I mean, here they look more like Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch than hard working pioneer settlers, but we'll just roll with it.  
They walked the parade route and threw candy in yet another small town celebration.  They've got the wave, smile, throw big hand fulls of candy shtick DOWN pat I tell you.  I should probably rent them out next summer to some high paying float operation.  :)
Then as an extra bonus we carted them a bit further - and to ten degrees cooler - to Wayne Wonderland.  They were rewarded with endless laps around Grandpa's back yard on the wheelers and the motorcycle.  It was Heaven... according to them.

Boone was thrilled beyond belief to ride Grandpa's tractor.  In the garage.  Without the engine on.  Ha!  But I'll tell you Grandpa turned the key on to give him a little thrill and that wee dude knew immediately how the magic was made.  Game over.  Keys had to be put away somewhere VERY high and out of reach of the baby mountain goat.
We checked on our favorite view and enjoyed the rain showers. 
That smell.... there is nothing better.
Sometimes you gotta involve ALL your senses in a summer rain shower.
And to top it off the boys devoured dutch oven potatoes and mutton (gag). Annnnnd caught water dogs at the kids grab.  You guys, just when you think a fish grab can't be topped they go ahead and load up bins full of salamanders!  :)
I would like to tie this all up with a bow and somehow work salamanders into Pioneer day, but I'll be honest - this one has me at a loss.
So Cheers - to the last couple weeks of summer.  LOL

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