Sunday, July 9, 2017

Little Peeks of Summering...

Random Summer Things...

1.  Boys who coordinate before church will always be one of my love languages.
Also, their mood changes occur in literally .2 seconds and their faces don't really disguise said changes.  I have exactly one second to get a decent shot and then all bets are off.
2.  Boone is a Mountain Goat.  And yes, I said that before about Dax - but this kid has taken it to a new level.  All the goods have been moved to higher ground, but he knows it... so he makes his appearance at the least opportune times and at the highest of perches.
Also - get yer little ivories OFF MY SHUTTERS!  Geez.
3.  I still love a hot summer rodeo and a chunky-iced snow cone more than most things.  The Lehi Rodeo didn't disappoint this year and gosh darn those Wright brothers are legit cowboys... 
Mine, however, are MUCH cuter.  Just sayin'.
4.  Boone went to nursery.  (Insert Tears)  My little mama's boy is growing up right before my eyes.  He didn't cry and he even half-heartedly colored a picture.  So next week Imma gonna pinch him before I send him so he'll bawl as if he misses me.  
5.  Summer Homework is still happening on days we find ourselves in our own abode.  When I haven't downloaded worksheets the night before I request written notes or letters as their daily work.  I die at how cute their little notes have been to missionaries, grandparents and primary teachers.  If I do nothing else all summer long I will give myself exactly one feather in my cap for that.  :)
And lastly, we've reached the point of summer when kids are randomly collapsing in a heap of sleep when normally nap time wouldn't occur.  Bless this little boy who was all prepped for church and couldn't even keep those lids heavy with lashes open for a moment longer.
And bless us all.
Summer is the best of times and the most exhausting of times.

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