Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring Soccer...

Well our calendar looks like some highlighters went crazy during breeding season and there are practices and games penned by color by kiddo.  It's happening.  The craziest month of the year and we're right smack in the middle of spring soccer season and going strong.
Ace is a pretty gifted little athlete and he scores his fair share of goals.
 The tongue is evidence of pure and total concentration.
 And if there was a rule prohibiting excessive celebration he might be kicked off the field.  :)
Having this focus on spring sports surely means some other things will fall on the "half-a$$ed" side of life.  Homework projects - whelp - they're starting to lose their luster.  Dinners at home have been supplemented with dinners at the ballpark and taco tuesday.  And yard work is crammed in there somewhere between our 10 and 12 o'clock games every Saturday.
Kaelster plays defense for his team, the Raptors.
He has such a good coach and he gets to play with his friend, Ashton and cousin, Zane.
I wouldn't change it... these Saturdays spent entertaining our littlest gent at yet another field, and watching soccer games x3, and baseball games x3 and providing end of game treats and drinks... it makes me feel like I'm a boy mom.  A legit Mama of Boys.  :)
 The old "Balloon in the Shirt Game" for the win...
  These months are crazy and we celebrate another season - and another year of growth.  We also look forward to a summer of new adventures together.  And we hope by the end of the calendar year we'll be fully settled into our new home.
Long term goals - short term goals.
 Dax Man is coached by his Daddy-O and the Lava Monsters are kickin' trash and takin' names.
Soccer Saturdays
Baseball Weekdays
Inanimate objects play second fiddle to our little animations.
And we love it.

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Chrystie said...

You are such a nicer mom than me! I always make Dax pick baseball OR soccer, and look at you, letting MULTIPLE kids do both. Man, I am a slacker. Looks like they are loving it, and when they are making millions of dollars being footballers in Europe they can thank you by buying you a beach house.